Season 1, Ep 10: “When an Owl Loves a Bear”

26th Planting 1632

The group leaves Lumberson for Lawrencar. Along the way Rangrim finds a sword, and an Owlbear finds the group. Once in Lawrencar, the group sells some Art, find themselves with an abundance of precious metals, and mingle with the locals…

First appearance of:
Ham Ham
Katherine Hardway, Captain of the Lawrencar Guard
Thurgen Stonehammer
Latruvian, Antique Seller
Dalton, a shopkeep
High Priest Malthus of Morad
Jo Ellen, town guard
Luther, head of the Halfling Grotto

XP Awarded: 750XP + 100 Bonus XP
XP Total:  6,600 (Level 5!)

Sunday Night D&D
Sunday Night D&D
Season 1, Ep 10: "When an Owl Loves a Bear"