Season 2, Ep 20: “The Relic of Almat”

Covering Days 74–75 of the 700th Year of Exile

 In the meantime, the crew of The Dragon’s Fury made their way to the Port City of Redorra and prepared to make their way upriver to the city of Zedorra…

First appearance of:

  • Mina, Human Cleric of Almat
  • Sahar, Human Master Guardian of the Relic
  • Vyvienne, Human Apprentice to Sahar
  • Valorean, Dragonborn Master Assassin
  • Valorean II
  • Valorean III, formerly known as Omar
  • Valorean IV
  • Valorean V, Human Bandit Still at Large
  • Justice, Tiefling Constable

Sunday Night D&D
Sunday Night D&D
Season 2, Ep 20: "The Relic of Almat"