Season 2, Ep 4: “TEST Quests”

Covering Days 358–360 of the 699th Year of Exile

The very next evening, each of them were visited by a member of the council and each of them were offered a quest that would test their skills individually. Because the Council had to be sure they had selected the right heroes…

First appearance of:

  • Ace and Brock, burly citizens of Par Tivian
  • Chanterelle Enoki, kidnapped mushroom farmer
  • Erin Murhat, member of the City Guard
  • Eremil, the Thrice-Doomed Necromancer
  • Grimhook, worshipper of the Snake God Zmiya
  • Jacob, Gwenalee Acoylte and Mushroom Shop caretaker

Sunday Night D&D
Sunday Night D&D
Season 2, Ep 4: "TEST Quests"