The audio recording failed to include any of the DM’s voice this session. So here’s a recap of what happens, to clear up the ambiguity of the audio:

3rd Lilith, 1633

The group is face to face with Scillia, the goddess of Magic and the Moon. Solary shows up. They want information on Varikass and what Morad’s plan could be. They mention that Colth has created an Avatar as well. The group don’t have much information to give them. Neristhanna throws a bunch of shade on the Gods in general. Rangrim asks why they allow their followers to do bad things. The gods tell them that they are unable to directly influence the material plane. They also tell them that they don’t give power to their followers, but rather, their followers draw power from them. The group is sent back to the material plane. They quickly forget everything about their meeting with the gods. 

Lady Darzi asks if she’s fulfilled their need of her and takes off. Neristhanna followers and apologizes to Lady Darzi for the hurt she’s caused her. Lady Darzi flies off without saying a word.  

4th Lilith, 1633

The group divvies up their loot from Ilphelkiir. They get a ton of money, a fancy pipe, and a pair of Boots of Speed. They decide to take a vacation. The group arrives in Tchaxa for a beach party. It’s a surprisingly uneventful and relaxing.

The group spends four days lounging on the beach. 

8th Lilith, 1633

Malfeaxx appears on a beach chair next to Neristhanna and makes her an offer. He’ll let her continue to use the mask for the rest of her life, in exchange she’ll let him live. She agrees to it and tells the others. Kel reminds her that he swore an oath to murder Malfeaxx. She tells him that she doesn’t mind breaking her word. 

They decide to head to Craleson for the Dragon Festival, but first agree to spend a few more days on the beach.

11th Lilith, 1633

The group teleports to Craleson for the Dragon Festival, staying in aptly named Dragon Lodge.  

Kel has Calamity dream him into Nikola and asks him to attend the Dragon Festival with him. Nikola gladly accepts.

12th Lilith, 1633

Rangrim risks insanity by contacting Rotark on another plane of existence. He finds out that Rotark is safe and doesn’t want to be rescued, but not much else.

The group, minus Kel, goes out and carouses. Calamity ends up with an unexpected 100 platinum pieces in her pocket. Rangrim ends up naked on a beach, with other nude people. He puts his clothes back on and strides into town.

Neristhanna overhears a patron talking about Valthrun and decides to chase him down. She ends up in East Hill. She makes a scene calling for him. He shows up. He tells her that he was resurrected by a former lover. He confides in her that his spies in Larraine have told him that Varikass is immune to fire now. Neristhanna blames the entire Varikass business on him. He tries to deflect the blame a bit, but agrees to help fight Varikass when the time comes.

13th Lilith, 1633

Neristhanna teleports to Craleson, but accidentally ends up a few miles north of town. She flies back in. 

Calamity comes downstairs with a staff made from the teeth and talons of Nerikesh. Kel kindly asks her to put it away, for at least the day of the Dragon Festival. She agrees. Nikola arrives.

Kel and Nikola stroll through the fair. Kel introduces Nikola to his family. Including Balaseth and Minorae, his parents.  

Calamity and Neristhanna go shopping. Calamity purchases 30 bottles of the Black Dragon Ale, after being assured that it is especially good this year. She also purchases a magical dagger that is made from a Black Dragon’s tooth. 

Rangrim bumps into his future wife, again. This time he is introduced to her by other guards, and she receives a list of his accomplishments. He stammers a lot and leaves quickly.

The group watches the dragon parade. The red dragonborn appear at the front, per usual, however they suffer from a diminished presence in the parade. The green dragonborn, suprisingly, appear in the parade, dressed with black veils and black armbands in mourning. Neristhanna spreads their wings and Calamity gets their attention, to lord their victory over them. The bronze dragonborn also only dress in black and only the oldest matriarchs march to show their mourning as well. 

After the parade, Calamity gives Kel a beautiful dragon-themed magical sai to say sorry for Urishandian dying.

Later that night, Kel tells Nikola about his ring of wishes, and his desire to find Lucrezia. Nikola is very open to finding her with Kel, especially since it sounds like they were all happy together.

14th Lilith, 1633

The group teleports to New Haven just after lunch. 

Rangrim and Kel check on the academy and find out that it is doing well. Wyvernsbane tells them that he setting up an architecture program to help expand the academy, before he leaves to see Calamity.

Calamity and Neristhanna gather Lannet and go get a drink at the New Haven Inn. They discuss what’s been happening in the city and, after Wyvernsbane shows up, the Varikass problem. 

Rangrim hobnobs some more with the town and with Darig.

That evening, Calamity dreams into Thurga. Thurga tells her that she’s pursuing the Azure Scales but hasn’t found them yet. She promises to update them via Rondo when she finds them.

15th of Lilith, 1633

The group teleports to East Hill to meet back up with High Priestess Liadon. Liadon is happy to see them. She introduces them to Beatriz, a seven-feet tall Colth Paladin. She quickly tells them that Colth has imbued herself with some of his power, much in the same way that Varikass has been imbued with part of Morad. 

She takes the group downstairs and begins to plan their surprise attack on Varikass in Larraine, while the resistance there has kept him off-balance. She mentions that Barcus has been sent ahead to meet with rebel leaders and scout. None of them knowing of his recent demise.

Unknown to them, however, to the south, at the Panoply of Bone, Varikass has arrived. He, along with Jasmine and several mages begin a ritual. The skeletons in the tower begin assembling themselves. First by the dozens, then the hundreds, then the thousands. An entire army of Skeletal Orcs, with Varikass leading them.

Sunday Night D&D
Sunday Night D&D
Season 1, Ep 104: "Fun in the Sun"