Covering Days 59–69 of the 700th Year of Exile

Before the group could take off from Farpool and start their adventures, they needed a few days for Shivani’s new arm to be finished. True to themselves, they spent their time in their own ways

First appearance of:

  • Ariel Lunadream, Half-Elf Minister of Health
  • Death’s Shadow, The Dreadwizard, Scourge of the Sea
Sunday Night D&D
Sunday Night D&D
Season 2, Ep 19: "Death's Shadow"

Covering Days 58–59 of the 700th Year of Exile

Captain Kinnon helped them learn the basics of running a ship and helped them hire the crew of  the Dragon’s Fury.  We know many of their names and stories now, but back then, they were all unknown to the world…

First appearance of:

  • Tiff, Tiefling Student of the Arcane Arts
  • Waxley, Human Librarian
  • Elias, Sick Drow Tailor
  • Shandy, Dwarven Sailor heading to V’altoris

Sunday Night D&D
Sunday Night D&D
Season 2, Ep 18: "The Pink Chain"

Covering Days 57–58 of the 700th Year of Exile

They had met Gavin Caskbow, a smug—yet helpful—minister. It’s true, though, he did agree to get our people out of the ground. But of course, my daughter, nothing is ever quite so simple in politics

First appearance of:

  • Lenina, a Human Pick-Pocket
  • Gil, Gnome Student of Conjuration
  • Valentia the Purple, Halfling Headmistress of Conjuration
  • Yeben, Gnome Cleric of Gwenalee
  • Ruby Mace, Halfling Chef of Gwenalee
  • The Crew of The Dragon’s Fury
    • Edyth Swailes, Half-Elf First-Mate
    • Alfred Auran, Half-Orc Bosun
    • Bridger Netley, Human Cook
    • Georgie, Triton Crewmember
    • Vivian Melton, Half-Goliath Crewmember
    • Rowley “The Bear”, Firbolg Crewmember
    • Stormy “The Reuben” Davenport, Dwarven Crewmember
    • Myrtle “The Snake”, Yuan-Ti Crewmember
    • Carswell Crompton, Fresh-Faced Halfling Crewmember
  • Rejected Crewmembers
    • Olivia Newberry, Frustrated Human Chef
    • Dorset, Dwarven Laborer
    • Roland Sisk, Human Chef
    • Dyson “White Beard”, Dwarven Laborer
    • Kynaston, Tiefling Thirst-Trap
    • Hadwin “Four Fingers” Clemons, Aptly Named Laborer
    • Whitney Joshua, Bubbly Human Laborer

Sunday Night D&D
Sunday Night D&D
Season 2, Ep 17: "Finding Talent"

Covering Days 56–57 of the 700th Year of Exile

They made their way ashore and for the first time since they had set out from the Undernation, they were in a place where they could easily blend in with a crowd. … the group set out into the City to see what other wonders it held…

First appearance of:

  • Zula, the Chocolatier
  • Captain Kinnon Janshai, of The Crimson Hawk
  • Falkon Darkdraft, Half-Orc Dandy
  • Gavin Caskbow, Foreign Minister
  • Hexe Magissa, Owner of the White Orchid Spa
Sunday Night D&D
Sunday Night D&D
Season 2, Ep 16: "Food and Drink"

Covering Days 43–56 of the 700th Year of Exile

However, what they found was much worse than that. Blazh was a powerful Paladin who had sworn a Sacred Oath to the Empire, revering it as many Paladins might revere their own gods. And for his strict devotion to the Empire, the Empress had bestowed upon him a magnanimous and terrible gift: A vorpal sword, magically hone to such an impossibly sharp edge that it could slice through steel like a warm knife through butter…

First appearance of:

  • Captain Nikolaus, Avolian Coast Guard
  • Eryn, Farpool Dockmaster
  • Anindil, Master Artificer
Sunday Night D&D
Sunday Night D&D
Season 2, Ep 15: "The Open Sea"