Season 1, Ep 56: “Faith and Reason”

Whoops, technical difficulties killed the recording of this episode, here’s what happened:

5th Reaping

The characters plan their next course of action, deciding to look for Kalarnaleigh. An explosion rocks the city. The group flies to see what’s happening. They find the Royal Mages of Carthell engaged in a battle with a the Virtusian priests. 9th Level Magic is flying around. Calamity gets hit by an errant meteor.

Varikass talks to Renald Lovell, Captain of the Guard. He tells him that the King is an imposter. Lovell says that he’s heard of Varikass and trained once with Darby. He tells him he hopes to never see Varikass.

The rest of the group watches the fight. The mages have an invisible demon. An Angel is ripped asunder. The mages strip the clerics of their possessions and leave.

Neristhanna and Rangrim talk about his odd behavior on the way back. Larissa gets drunk. Calamity investigates a topic of interest at the library. Varikass talks to High Priestess Tanle at the church concerning their plans for a New World Order. Varikass gives an awesome sermon at the temple of Morad.

6th Reaping

In the morning, the group leaves the tavern and sees that the Mage Tower is missing the top part of its tower and the Temple of Virtus is burning down. Varikass is very happy by this development.

Rangrim decides to investigate the missing florist. He finds that a new, human shopkeeper has setup shop in the old shop. Disguised as a little girl he tries to talk to her and ends up buying some flowers, before being brusquely dismissed from the shop. Later that evening, he breaks in and steals the gold from the shop’s safe and breaks into her apartment. He doesn’t find anything of value.

Neristhanna searches the city for clues about Kalarnaleigh. She doesn’t make any headway, but does find a pair of guards, Zook and Garrick, who clam up at her questioning. They work at one of the gateways to the inner-city. They refuse to talk anymore about it.

Varikass seeks an audience with the High Priestess of Scillia, Shandri Marsk, a surprisingly young cleric of Scillia with a ton of facial piercings. Varikass reaches out to her about the Flavi situation, trying to position himself as the best person for the job and seeking more info on Scillia in her older incarnation from the old Pantheon, in hopes that it might be useful to stop Flavi. She expresses skepticism that he’s the best person for the job, but agrees to think about it.

Calamity continues investigating her mystery topic at the library.F

Otho Carthell officially declares war on the crown, and announces reinforcements from other cities are on the way.