Season 2, Ep 15: “The Open Sea”

Covering Days 43–56 of the 700th Year of Exile

However, what they found was much worse than that. Blazh was a powerful Paladin who had sworn a Sacred Oath to the Empire, revering it as many Paladins might revere their own gods. And for his strict devotion to the Empire, the Empress had bestowed upon him a magnanimous and terrible gift: A vorpal sword, magically hone to such an impossibly sharp edge that it could slice through steel like a warm knife through butter…

First appearance of:

  • Captain Nikolaus, Avolian Coast Guard
  • Eryn, Farpool Dockmaster
  • Anindil, Master Artificer
Sunday Night D&D
Sunday Night D&D
Season 2, Ep 15: "The Open Sea"