Season 1, Ep 24: “Bad Dreams”

28th Silvian, 1632

The group hastily leaves McKinney, heading towards East Hill, as tensions run high and moods dip low among the party. Once in East Hill, Rangrim loses a piece of himself, Calamity meets a familiar face, and Varikass gets thrown out a window.

First Appearance Of:
Umara, the Elven Unicorn
Dr. Scheppen, Gnome Doctor
Euphemia Tosscobble, Colth Acolyte and Soul Expert
Grevillea, Dwarven Florist at Absolute Flower
Brother Witter, Colth Paladin
Eldion, The Bartender

XP Awarded: 500XP

Sunday Night D&D
Sunday Night D&D
Season 1, Ep 24: "Bad Dreams"