Covering Days 360–364 of the 699th Year of Exile and Days 1–4 of the 700th Year of Exile

Their quests completed, the heroes were summoned back to the council, where they were finally told the true reason for their tests…

First appearance of:

  • Harriet, Gwenalee Cleric of Par Felandon
  • Gurjari Chamaktaara, Shivani’s Older Sister
  • Anshu Chamaktaara, Shivani’s Younger Brother
  • Mother Valanthe, Head Cleric of Gwenalee in the Undernation

Covering Days 358–360 of the 699th Year of Exile

The very next evening, each of them were visited by a member of the council and each of them were offered a quest that would test their skills individually. Because the Council had to be sure they had selected the right heroes…

First appearance of:

  • Ace and Brock, burly citizens of Par Tivian
  • Chanterelle Enoki, kidnapped mushroom farmer
  • Erin Murhat, member of the City Guard
  • Eremil, the Thrice-Doomed Necromancer
  • Grimhook, worshipper of the Snake God Zmiya
  • Jacob, Gwenalee Acoylte and Mushroom Shop caretaker

Covering Days 354–357 of the 699th Year of Exile

Then, they found what they were looking for, the flail snails. They disabled the first snail before it even knew what hit him, tossing it into their magical hole. However, as they began to set in on the second snail, they heard a terrible bellow. “You dare walk into a Minotaur’s Lair?! Flee!”…

First appearance of:

  • Erinan ar Srinan, human leader of the Srinan Clan and oldest of Emmani’s younger sisters
  • Edelmira, Elena, and Embla, Emmani’s younger sisters
  • Ruhan Chamaktaara, Shivani’s Elf Mother
  • Justin, Travis, and Griffin, the Chamaktaara household butlers
  • Professor Frederick Woodleaf, a halfling scholar of the magical arts